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Friday, Apr. 27th 2018

Placements, the Easier Way

I often wondered why the attunement procedure had to be so long and hard. We always taught the attunement worked even if you messed it up. Everything is done with intention. With the advent of Usui/Holy Fire Reiki, the attunements got somewhat easier. Finally, in November of 2015, William Rand received the guidance to create Placements instead of attunements. Placements are how attunements are given in Holy Fire Reiki.

Following is a definition of Placements from the Usui / Holy Fire II Reiki Master Manual. “In the Placement, the teacher does not physically interact with the student. In other words, the teacher does not stand behind the student, touching the shoulders, or go to the front of the student and physically work with the hands and so forth. Instead, the teacher simply sits and guides the student in a beginning guided meditation for a few minutes, then stops talking and allows the Holy Fire energy to administer the Placement directly to each student. Because the teacher’s energy is not part of the Placement, it does not lower its vibration or affect it in any way. This allows the pure Holy Fire energy to work in an uninhibited way. Because of this, the vibration of the Placements are much higher and the student receives higher quality healing energy.”

Holy Spirit and Jesus do all the work! All the teacher does is read the script, say a prayer, and then enjoy her own time in the silence while receiving the energy.

Placements may be a more similar way of working with Reiki in the style of Usui Sensei. William Rand interviewed Hiroshi Doi in October 2016. According to Hiroshi Doi, Usui transferred energy by touching the shoulder or the hips or the hands of the student and it would transmit the attunement. Usui asked Hayashi to develop the attunement further and he made it more complex. From research with Takata’s students, we know that Takata added the Master symbol about half way through her teaching of her 22 masters. William Rand says, “Now with Holy Fire, it’s honoring more of the original concept of the energy coming directly from Source. The less the teacher is involved, the better the energy works and goes directly to the student.”

Because the Placements are easier to do than Attunements, more people are teaching and passing on the gift of Reiki. Previously many people didn’t teach because they were intimidated by trying to learn how to do attunements and master 3 pages of written instruction.

Reiki has evolved and changed over the years. We have finally learned that we no longer need the complex ritual of the attunement procedure and can invite the Source of the Reiki energy to come directly to our students. It is a gift of Grace. Holy Fire Reiki has brought us back to the place of our students receiving directly from God. The energy brings us home – to that place of oneness inside us.

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