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Wednesday, May. 2nd 2018

Hiking with Reiki

Hiking with Reiki

By Karen K. Harrison, Senior Professional Licensed Reiki Master Teacher for ICRT

Hiking is a wonderful way to restore your soul, rejuvenate, and relax.  Listening to the birds, enjoying fresh air, and seeing natural beauty along the way bring the peace of nature into your body.  Adding Reiki to all aspects of your hike adds many benefits.  I attended a Karuna Reiki class in Sedona, Arizona and wanted to hike alone on one of my free days.  I desired to create a “mountain top” experience for myself to reflect on my life, my values, and my life direction.  Following are the ways that I created an incredible experience for myself with the help of Reiki and Spirit. 


Be Prepared

If you are going to a popular hiking area, you may be able to purchase a guide book for the trails.  I chose a book titled,”Sedona’s Top 10 Hikes” by Dennis Andres.  There were several wonderful options so I activated Reiki and asked my intuition to guide me to the right hike for my highest good. 


Consider what kind of clothing would be best for your hike.  Long pants with a zip off leg are a great option because they keep the sun and bugs away.  A Reiki friend once told me, “There is no bad weather, only bad clothing.”  For fair skinned people, a hat and sunscreen are a must.  Water in a holder that goes over your shoulder leaves your hands free.  Reiki the water in advance with the intention of providing an energy boost.  Snacks restore your energy for a longer hike.  The right shoes are very important.   I have twisted my ankle and stubbed my toe several times so consider walking boots or lightweight sports sandals with a closed toe.  If any injury occurs during the hike, stop immediately and give yourself Reiki for a few minutes or longer.  Reiki applied right after an injury helps the most.  A few other items you may need are bug spray, sunglasses, baby wipes, maps, and your guide book as well as something to carry it all.   


Before you leave, consider checking the weather forecast.  For example, if you are hiking in an area that would be treacherous if muddy, it would be helpful to know if rain is expected.  Dry areas can sometimes flood quickly.  When hiking alone, let someone know where you are hiking and when you will return.  Call them when you come back.  Send Reiki in advance to your hike intending it be for your highest good.   


Being well prepared physically can help you have the most enjoyable experience.  In my hiking experiences, I have run out of water, had a blood sugar crash, and gotten lost for several hours.  The spiritual aspect is also very important and can make the difference between a beautiful hike and a mountain top experience.      


At the Beginning

When you arrive at your hiking spot, take a moment to call in Spirit to protect and guide you.  Set your intention for the hike such as, “I am creating a mountaintop experience for myself.”  Strengthen your light with the Power Symbol over each chakra if you have Reiki II or place your hands together in Gassho (prayer position) and call in Reiki to be with you for level I Reiki.  The following breath is designed to fill you with Reiki, connect you between Heaven and earth, and bring you into being fully present.  Breathe in Reiki through your crown chakra all the way to your feet and on the exhale, expand the Reiki from your body to your aura.  Do this breath 3 times.  Then breathe in Reiki from your feet to your head and on the exhale expand the Reiki to your aura.  Do this breath 3 times.  Say to yourself, ‘I am filled with Divine love and light.  Anything less than love and light will transform or leave.”  I learned a slightly different version of this breath from Laurelle Shanti Gaia and Michael Baird.    


Draw Reiki power symbols over your feet to help yourself be grounded.  Intend that you are fully present and your feet are secure.  This is especially helpful when hiking over uneven surfaces with loose rocks or boulders.  With permission, you can draw the symbols over the feet of those with whom you are hiking if they don’t have Reiki.  If you have Karuna Reiki, activate the two grounding symbols and draw them over your feet or draw them large in the air in front of you and step into the energy of the symbol.   


On the Hike

As you are enjoying your hike, tune into nature by stilling your mind.  One easy way to do this is to focus on your breath.  When thoughts arise, brush them aside and return to focusing on your breath.  With a quiet mind, you can be more fully present to the sights, smells, and feeling of the wind and sun on your body.    


Use the distant symbol to connect you to the earth energy by drawing it in the air and send it into the ground.  Later, if you are tired, draw the distant symbol over the ground and intend to continuously connect to the energy of the place, drawing the energy into your body.  Silently repeat the name of the distant symbol over and over.  I have used this technique many times to reenergize myself.  When hiking in Hawaii I couldn’t keep up with my friend.  After doing this technique, I felt buoyant and seemed to effortlessly float over the ground, even surpassing my hiking partner. 


If you are hiking on difficult terrain, listen to where the rocks tell you to place your feet or use your spiritual vision center, your brow chakra, to see where to place your feet.  With Reiki activated in your feet and hands, it is easier to tune into the energy of the earth.  On my hike in Sedona, I used this technique to guide my hands and feet on a very narrow trail at the edge of a mountain and when climbing up a rock wall to the next level.  In Hawaii, I used it to hike over enormous boulders.  I had the opportunity to hike in the dark with no flashlight on the mountains at Machu Picchu as part of a special ceremony and kept myself safe using these techniques. 


As part of my mountaintop experience in Sedona, I wanted a place to sit and reflect for a few hours that had an incredible view and was protected from the sun.  I walked with the Reiki Power Symbol activated in my hands and set the intention to find the right spot, which appeared easily.  In order to make the spot the most ideal it could be, I drew several Reiki power symbols in the air around the sides of the sitting area.  There I contemplated my life, my work, and my relationships.  One of the inspirations I received was to set aside regular time each week to write some of the ideas I have received over the years for articles.   


Another incredible experience is to use Reiki to connect to the birds, animals, and rocks.   Many times when hiking I enjoy getting a rock to take home to help me later connect to the energy of the place.  Find out in advance if taking rocks is permitted.  Then ask the rock if it is willing to go with you.  Listen in your mind for the answer.  On a hike in Sedona, I noticed a natural rock bench with an incredible vista of a valley before me and red rock mountains in the distance.  I sat there and drank in the wonderful view.  It was fun to imagine myself as an eagle, flying over the valley.  You can send distance Reiki to an eagle or hawk to connect with it energetically.  Then if you wish, you can intend to feel the energy of what it is like to soar through the air.  While hiking in Mexico, I thought it would be fun to connect to the energy of a lizard so I sent it Reiki and asked the lizard what it was like to be a lizard living here among the ruins of Tulum.  I listened and in my head I heard the lizard reply that he liked eating bugs and laying in the sun.  That was no surprise but it made for a memorable experience. 


You can utilize Reiki to draw energy to you from nature.  Activate the Power Symbol and the Distance Symbol or with Reiki I beam Reiki and intend to connect to the energy of the earth, sun, trees, and water.  I have a favorite park in my hometown that feels rejuvenating for me.  It has natural trails, creeks, and a bird watching area with multiple bird feeders.  I went there one-week day when I needed some nurturing from nature.  As I was sitting on a bench and basking in the sun, I used this technique to fill myself with the wonderful nature energy.  Later I walked by a bubbling brook and used Reiki to connect to the water.  I felt the energy of it move through my body in ecstatic waves.    


At the End

When you complete your hike, take a moment to give thanks to Spirit, your guides and angels for the experience you have had.  If you have paper with you or in the car, write down anything of importance before you leave while it is fresh in your mind.  I wrote the outline for this article in the car when I finished my hike. 


In Summary, here are the steps you can use with Reiki:

(With Reiki I, anywhere I mention activating symbols, you can beam Reiki instead.)   

  1. Activate the distant and power symbol to help you chose which trail to hike.
  2. Send Reiki in advance to your hike, intending it be for your highest good through using the distant symbol.   
  3. At the beginning of the hike, call in Spirit to guide and protect you. Set your intention for the hike.  
  4. Strengthen your light with Reiki by drawing the power symbol over your trunk and then over each chakra. Intend that each chakra is being cleared and filled with Reiki energy. 
  5. Breathe in Reiki from your crown to your feet and on the exhale, expand Reiki from your body into your aura. Do this breath 3 times.  Then breathe in Reiki from the earth up through your feet and on the exhale, expand it to your aura.  Say to yourself, “I am filled with Divine Love and Light.  Anything less than love and light will transform or leave.”
  6. Draw Reiki symbols over your feet, intending to be fully present.
  7. Draw the distant symbol to connect with the earth energy by drawing it in the air and sending it into the ground or use it to connect you to the birds, sun, water, trees, or animals.
  8. Activate Reiki in your hands and feet again if you encounter difficult terrain and intend to be guided to the right places to step and put your hands. Intend to send Reiki out of your brow chakra, your spiritual vision center, for guidance.   
  9. Activate the power symbol and set the intention to find the right spot to meditate. Draw power symbols around your meditation spot.     
  10. At the end of the hike, give thanks to Spirit for helping you.


Hiking with Reiki can nurture your Spirit, soothe your soul, and inspire you.  While I have presented many ideas you can choose for your hike, I encourage you to experiment with using Reiki in creative ways for yourself.  Consider applying some of these ideas to a walk around your neighborhood to create an uplifting experience.  May you be blessed by Reiki and Spirit with mountaintop experiences wherever you hike.  







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