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Thursday, May. 3rd 2018

Healing Stuck Parts of Yourself with Reiki

Healing Stuck Parts of Yourself

By Karen Harrison, Licensed Reiki Master

Q – I feel stuck and like some part of me doesn’t want to heal.  I fear things won’t get better and my life will always be like this.  That part seems to be holding me back.  How can I use Reiki to help me?

A – Reiki can help!  Activate all the Reiki symbols you know, including the distant symbol.  Intend to send Reiki to the part that is stuck.  Hold your hands together or place them against your legs while intending to send Reiki to the stuck part.  Imagine the stuck part in your hands.  If you can, see if you can get an image of the stuck part while sending Reiki to it.  If you know where the part is stuck in your body, hold your hands over that part of your body and give yourself Reiki.  Do this procedure for 5 to 15 minutes at a time for several sessions.  It may only take 1 to 5 sessions but it could take longer if the problem is long-standing. 

Here is how I have used it recently.  I had a part of me that feared a certain woman in my life.   Whenever I would think of her, I would move into a non-resourceful state.  I visualized the part of me that feared her and saw a young child lying on the floor curled up in a ball.  I activated all my Reiki symbols and sent Reiki and love her way, using the method I described above.  Reiki is love and adding in the intention of love will make your Reiki energy even stronger. 

Here is one way to add in love energy.  Think of someone you love and get in touch with the feeling of love.  Then intend to send that feeling of love to the part of you that you want to heal.  If you haven’t had Reiki training, you can use this procedure alone.  As I sent Reiki and love to the little girl part of me, I saw her uncurl from the ball.  Light was shining on her, where before, she was laying in the dark.  Then she stretched out.  After a while she stood up and ran off to play!  I will do this procedure a few more times just to make sure that part continues to feel well, since that fear had been with me for many years.  (Update – that was a couple months ago and it hasn’t bothered me since!)

I thought that was a very cool visualization, especially since I didn’t use to be able to visualize.  If you can’t visualize or aren’t good at it, don’t worry.  Reiki works anyway just with your intention.  Practicing Reiki over time will further develop your high sense perceptions such as the ability to visualize, hear your guidance, feel energy, and know what is yours to do.    

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