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Thursday, May. 3rd 2018

Reiki to Calm the Turbulence

Reiki to calm the turbulence

Lately we seem to be besieged by hurricanes, fires, shootings, and threats to our safety.  People we know are scared and hurting. Places we have visited or lived have been damaged or destroyed. It is easy to fall into fear with each disaster and especially with so many happening at once.

Fortunately, we have Reiki. Can Reiki perform miracles? The answer is sometimes and it always provides benefits. We sent Reiki to calm Hurricane Irma and it dropped from a category 4 to a category 2 storm. I call that a miracle! We sent Reiki to protect the homes of loved ones and many of those homes remained safe and intact.

No matter whether Reiki helps to divert a disaster, supports after the disaster, or calms the one giving Reiki, it is a loving action. We remember that what is happening in our world is a mirror to what is happening inside us as a collective. Giving Reiki to ourselves daily helps us to be the peace, love, and support that is so needed in our world today. And giving Reiki to others and situations is our gift to the world. We can do both at the same time by giving and receiving! How? Activate your Reiki and place your hands on your body. Say, “as I give myself Reiki, I also give Reiki to – name the people and situations.”

Here is an affirmation: I am peace in the midst of all matters.

Remember, with Reiki, we are a gift to the world!

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