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Thursday, Aug. 12th 2021

Reiki For Empaths Class Helps Balance Emotions

The Reiki for Empaths class at the Whole Life Center is designed to help those with empathic personalities balance and maintain their positive energy as they move through the world. An empath is someone who intuitively feels and understands the emotional energies of other people. While this can be a great gift in many situations, it can also be challenging at times. If you find yourself overwhelmed by the negative energies and feelings of those around you, it may be time to learn how to guard yourself so that you can maintain the positive energy to help others.
Empaths are particularly prone to feeling out of balance. One expert describes being an empath as being like “an emotional sponge.” Feeling the emotions of everyone around them can lead empaths to feel uncomfortable or overwhelmed in large groups of people. Because empaths are usually good listeners and want to help, people tend to confide in them. This desire to help can become a burden when you actively feel and experience the emotions of others. An empathic personality can also make intimate relationships difficult.  Many empaths have spent their whole lives being told that they are too sensitive, too impulsive, or they need to “toughen up.” It can be hard when others don’t understand or appreciate how you experience the world. 
If you are an empathic person and a current practitioner of Reiki, the Reiki for Empaths class will teach you techniques to clear negative energies and place emotional boundaries between yourself and others so that you can continue your healing work from a positive place. If you are an empath and have hesitated to begin a Reiki journey due to concerns that it might overwhelm you, this class can help you understand how to use your abilities to help others through Reiki, without depleting your own energy
Reiki for Empaths can instill greater confidence in your ability to deal with the emotional and spiritual challenges that come your way, and help you develop a clearer spirit, mind and body.
You will learn to go with the emotional ebbs and flows of life, in order to be able to send positive, healing, loving energy to those who need it. 
If this sounds like something that would help you, the Whole Life Center offers the Reiki for Empaths class as well as a full spectrum of Reiki classes, both online or in person. Contact Karen Harrison at 816-523-4440 or register on our website. Though your journey through life may be different than those of other people, we want you to feel loved, accepted, and confident as you learn to use your gifts for good.

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