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Thursday, Apr. 8th 2021

What is Holy Fire® Reiki?

Holy Fire® Reiki is a new style of Reiki that was revealed to Reiki Master William Lee Rand in 2014. Master Rand was preparing to teach Reiki classes when he received guidance concerning a new way to experience Reiki energy. He shared it with his students shortly thereafter, and it has since been incorporated into the teachings of the International Center for Reiki Training (ICRT). As Master Rand expressed it, “Holy Fire® came quickly and unexpectedly into my life as I was not seeking something as powerful and transformative as this.”
How is Holy Fire® Reiki different from other forms of Reiki?
Holy Fire® Reiki energy connects with the seeker in a unique way. It does not use the Usui/Tibetan symbols, although those can still be useful and appropriate for those who have them, and who have not yet been trained in this new way. Holy Fire® Reiki has been incorporated into Usui and Karuna Reiki training in recent years. Practitioners of Holy Fire® Reiki feel that it is a more refined form of the practice, coming from a higher level of consciousness. 
What can Holy Fire® Reiki do for me?
Students and teachers of Holy Fire® Reiki have experienced the following results, and many others, from the practice: 

§     Works even when one is not consciously thinking about it

§     Respects the free will of the practitioner

§     Heals issues as they arise, quickly and without distress

§     Replaces worry with a sense of safety, even in a world that often feels unsafe

§     Provides guidance that is accessible to any level of life experience

§     Brings healing to relationships and personal interactions

§     Aids in developing healthy personality traits such as love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, self-esteem, optimism and joy

Many practitioners of Holy Fire® Reiki report a feeling of being loved, in a deep and nurturing manner. In addition, once the energy is received, it continues to develop, becoming more effective as it evolves. 
How can I learn more about Holy Fire® Reiki?
Contact the Whole Life Center for information about classes. Holy Fire® qualities can be experienced in the beginning Reiki I and II classes, and become more pronounced in the Reiki Master and Karuna classes.
Holy Fire Reiki

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