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Holy Fire® Reiki

Holy Fire® Reiki Classes in Kansas City or Online

What is Holy Fire® Reiki? You may have heard of Reiki, a Japanese technique for healing that was created by Dr. Mikao Usui in the early 20th century. It has been used throughout the world to promote healing, relieve stress,...

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Essential Oil Classes

Essential Oil Classes In Kansas City or Online

Essential oil classes are a great way to learn how to replace the many toxic chemicals found in cleaning and beauty products with natural, effective, non-toxic alternatives. These gifts of nature can also be used to enhance your health, relieve...

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Spiritual Healing in Kansas City

Spiritual Healing in Kansas City Through Holy Fire® Reiki

You may be in need of spiritual healing if you are feeling down, stressed, or troubled by the state of the world. Many people find that the practice of Reiki can help them find peace and clarity. Reiki is a...

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Reiki Teacher Training

Reiki Teacher Training Classes in Kansas City

If you are interested in Reiki Teacher training, the Whole Life Center is offering classes soon, both in-person and online. With time and study, anyone with the desire to do so may become a Reiki Master Practitioner. You simply need to...

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Being Open to Results

Being Open to Results By Karen Harrison, Senior Licensed Reiki Master Teacher with the ICRT Do you love to help people feel better? Reiki is the perfect vehicle for you to assist others with their physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual...

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Reiki Symbols Bring Energy

Reiki Symbols to Activate Energy Flow

Reiki symbols are used by teachers and students of Reiki as a way to activate the flow of energies within the body. Students are taught about the symbols before or during a Reiki class, and are usually asked to memorize them....

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Holy Fire Reiki

What is Holy Fire® Reiki?

Holy Fire® Reiki is a new style of Reiki that was revealed to Reiki Master William Lee Rand in 2014. Master Rand was preparing to teach Reiki classes when he received guidance concerning a new way to experience Reiki energy....

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A Reiki Master can teach you how to use the healing power of Reiki to heal others.

Reiki Master Explains: What Is Reiki?

As a Reiki Master, I am often asked what Reiki is. Many people are under the mistaken impression that it is a form of massage. This is not accurate. The word is a noun, pronounced ray-key. The term Reiki is...

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Increasing the Flow of Reiki Energy

by Karen K. Harrison, Ed.S., LCPC, LCMFT First published in Reiki News Magazine Spring 2021 IncreasingTheFlow - click to download Photos courtesy of Karen K. Harrison - Sending distant Reiki with a doll.  Have you occasionally thought that Reiki might...

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Students of essential oil classes at Whole Life Center will gain knowledge of how to safely and effectively utilize essential oils for healing and wellness.

Essential Oil Classes For Healing And Wellness

Students of essential oil classes at Whole Life Center will gain knowledge of how to safely and effectively utilize essential oils for healing and wellness. Classes are taught by Karen Harrison, ED.S., LPC, LMFT, Reiki Master in Kansas City, St...

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