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Thursday, Apr. 11th 2019

Holy Fire® Reiki Training Classes At Whole Life Center

Holy Fire Reiki is a divinely inspired healing energy that brings about the resolution of emotional issues and helps a person to reach a healthier state of well-being. It works continuously to release worry and agitation, filling a person with self-confidence and enthusiasm. Many practitioners use Holy Fire Reiki to heal relationships, interactions with others and to provide guidance in every level of life experience to nurture and heal.

Japanese Sensei Mikao Usui developed Usui Reiki energy healing using symbols to draw on high-frequency spiritual energy to produce a more enlightened level of awareness in a person. A refined extension of Usui Reiki is Holy Fire Reiki, which was introduced by the The International Center for Reiki Training (ICRT), to provide purification, healing, empowerment, and guidance to a person.

Holy Fire is included as part of our Usui Reiki classes and has also been added to Karuna Reiki® training.


The Holy Fire Reiki attunements are now called “Ignitions” at the Reiki Master level. There are four Holy Fire ignitions, plus several beautiful Holy Fire experiences. During the Ignition, Source connects directly to the student and provides the student the Holy Fire Reiki energy, allowing the student to have access to higher level consciousness. The teacher leads the ignition with a guided meditation. We think of this way of receiving energy as the feminine, receptive way of working with energy, as opposed to the masculine doing way of working with attunements. 


For both the Usui/Holy Fire ART/Master and the Holy Fire Karuna Reiki® training, the classes are led over a period of three days. This time frame allows the energy to work deeply with the student so that the student receives the maximum benefits. And the classes are full with much new material.

In addition to the ignitions, the Holy Fire training creates a significant shift in the student’s energy in which restrictive patterns are replaced with Holy Fire. This shift requires time to get through and needs to be done in a supportive environment in the presence of the teacher and other students.


After taking Usui/Holy Fire ART/Master, the student will be qualified to teach Holy Fire Reiki I, II and ART/Master. The qualification to take Usui/Holy Fire ART/Master is Reiki II from any Usui style or lineage with six months practice.

The qualification to take Holy Fire Karuna Reiki ® is Reiki Master of any style or lineage with 6 months practice. If a person takes Holy Fire Karuna Reiki® and has already taken ART/Master training as taught by the ICRT, they will be able to teach all levels of Holy Fire Reiki, including Reiki I, II, ART/Master and Karuna Master classes.

We highly recommend that students of Holy Fire Karuna Reiki® take Usui/Holy Fire ART/Master within a year or so. The additional training is valuable and the ignition energies which are upgraded regularly will improve the quality of your training.

The ICRT has Holy Fire ART/Master manuals for each level and provides them to anyone in the world who is qualified. To qualify you must have taken Holy Fire ART/Master or ART/Master and Holy Fire Karuna Reiki®. 


The Holy Fire itself provides guidance. A Spirit Guide’s purpose is to guide us to Source. Holy Fire is the direct connection to Source. When working with Guides, it is important to only call on Third Heaven beings who are enlightened Masters.  As in all phases of our spiritual journey, Guides come and go as we heal and grow. As Holy Fire respects a person’s free will, it is an individual choice regarding the use of Guides.

I am a Senior Licensed Reiki Master Teacher with the International Center for Reiki Training and the Co-Director of the Licensed Reiki Master Teacher Training Program. Contact me to schedule Holy Fire Reiki training classes, or visit me online





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