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Wednesday, May. 9th 2018

Reiki and Christianity

Reiki and Christianity

Reiki is energy from God.  I view it as energy from the Holy Spirit.  I am Christian and Reiki has helped me to develop a closer relationship with God. Reiki is deeply spiritual for me and for most people.  I always begin my Reiki sessions and classes with prayer and end with prayer.  With working with the energy so much, I often feel a great sense of bliss as I am working on others and when I am teaching Reiki.  The Bible says, as I give, so I receive.  Reiki healing energy flows through me as I give Reiki to help others.  

Everyone has the ability to use healing energy to some extent.  During the Reiki placement that is given in class, the student receives the ability to use the Reiki energy and it increases their natural healing ability.  The placement opens up the student to higher levels of consciousness and greater love so that the student will be able to utilize more of God’s healing energy.  

William Rand, who is the head of the International Center for Reiki Training, has created a website on Christian Reiki in order to address Christian’s concerns about Reiki.  http://www.christianreiki.org/home.htm.   


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