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Thursday, Aug. 13th 2020

Reiki for Empaths Enables Deep Healing And Balancing

Reiki for empaths provides the tools an empathic person needs to restore energy and bring about healing and balance. Empathic people can sense other people’s pain and emotional state. They can intuit if someone’s mood is depressed or upbeat, or if someone is feeling physically unwell or emotionally distraught. In some cases, they may even begin to internalize other people’s pain and emotions. However, while the ability to be deeply sensitive to others is a gift in many ways, it can also be problematic for an empath who doesn’t know how to clear away the unwanted energy.

When someone is a strong empath they can use their unique sensitivity as a gift by developing regular practices to clear and balance their own or another person’s energy. Reiki for empaths has many gifts and techniques that can help.

  • Empaths are particularly prone to getting out of balance. You can balance your chakras by giving yourself Reiki on a daily basis or by receiving a Reiki session from someone else at least every two weeks. Give yourself a Reiki session before you leave home for the day. Draw or visualize the Power or Holy Fire® symbol in front of your trunk and then each chakra, starting with the root and moving to the crown, then recite this affirmation, “I strengthen my light with Reiki. Anything less than love and light will transform or leave.”
  • Create the intention that Reiki for empaths is continuously transmuting lower vibrational energy, then check in and see how you are feeling physically and emotionally. When giving Reiki to someone, if you start to feel pain or emotions that you didn’t have before you began the session, note them and work on those areas of the body or those feelings. Having an attachment to the results makes it more likely to pick up others’ issues. Set your ego aside and let go of any attachment to the outcome.
  • Whenever you feel someone pulling on your energy or cording to you, it is because the person wants energy and is attracted to your field. When this happens, visualize the Mental/Emotional or Holy Fire® symbol between you and the other person with the intention to transmute and heal. Imagine yourself connected to Heaven and Earth with a Reiki symbol running through you between Heaven and Earth. If the other person is open to changing the situation, you could offer to do the same Reiki for empaths technique for them.
  • Whenever you need an extra burst of healing energy, strengthen the energy around you by visualizing it around or inside your body, drawing the Power symbol or Holy Fire® symbol on your hands or over your body.

Sensitive people are givers; they get depleted and need to be filled up. When this happens, call on Jesus, Holy Spirit, God for help to clear away negative energies and access healing energies.

I offer Reiki for Empaths classes at Whole Life Center in Kansas City and online, where students come to understand how to use their empathic abilities to help others change their lives without depleting their own energy. Students will learn to transform emotions as it instills greater confidence in their ability to deal with the challenges of life. These new skills give a person a clearer emotional, mental, physical and spiritual body. They will learn to trust in the flow of life and completely accept life, allowing life to flow through themselves to others.

To learn more about Reiki for Empaths or register for a class, please call 816-523-4440, or visit my website.

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