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Thursday, Jul. 23rd 2020

Energy Healing: A Powerful, Long-lasting Approach To Wellness

Energy healing can be beneficial in treating illness and emotional pain through a variety of techniques – Chakra healing, bio-energy healing, acupuncture, acupressure and Reiki. We know that universal life force energy flows through every living creature. Through the Reiki approach, powerful healing energy is activated to help clear away blockages of negative energy and bring about physical, mental and emotional balance. This subtle, laying-on-of-hands approach to energy healing enables a person to achieve a greater sense of health and wellbeing.

Whole Life Center energy healing classes guide students to reach a deeper understanding of the Divine, to embody spirituality and to give Reiki healing to others. They will learn how to remove blocked energy pathways and transmit energy to help restore physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health in people and in animals. Drawing on the life force energy that comes from God can bring about relaxation in the body, peace of spirit and emotional and physical healing. Reiki helps in all the areas of our lives that prevent us from feeling complete joy and harmony.

The holistic approach to Reiki energy healing is not only easy to do, but anyone can learn to use it at energy healing classes conducted through Whole Life Center in Kansas City. Powerful, lasting effects for symptoms of dis-ease affecting a person’s mind, body and spirit can be brought about with energy healing. Pain and discomfort, whether awake or at rest, can be greatly reduced or eliminated.

Some of the many benefits of energy healing can be witnessed by:

Changes In Habitual Behavior – Old, unhealthy behaviors that prevent us from experiencing abundance in our life will be released giving more joy and inner peace. 

Rejuvenated Health – Serious ailments and chronic conditions are improved, balance to digestive and circulatory systems restored, muscular and skeletal injuries repaired, and immune systems strengthened. However, we can never guarantee any certain results.  

Expanded Self Confidence – A mentality of success is developed, feelings of guilt, regret, and fear are eliminated, and self-esteem is restored.

Enhanced Peace of Mind –  Depression, stress, anxiety, and anger are replaced with feelings of compassion and understanding, enabling the ability to move forward toward a more peaceful life.

Renewed Sense of Purpose – An unshakable sense of purpose and meaning is achieved to allow our natural intuition to guide and empower our connections to the people in our lives.

Reiki has been life-changing for me in many ways including bringing me closer to God, aligning me with my spiritual purpose, giving me many new friends, enhancing my counseling practice, improving my health, and adding to my career through teaching Reiki and providing sessions. I have been abundantly blessed by God through following my spiritual path with Reiki.“ Karen Harrison, Reiki Master





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