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Thursday, Aug. 29th 2019

Energy Healing For Removing Byoki (Blocked Energy)

Reiki energy healing relies on spiritually guided life force energy to remove Byoki – which means “blocked energy.” It is a holistic approach to healing to remove energy blockages that affect a person’s mind, body and spirit. Reiki helps in all the areas of our lives and helps prevent us from feeling complete joy and harmony.

Methods Used For Energy Healing

There are a variety of methods practitioners use for treating illness, emotional pain, and energy blockages, which include chakra healing, Shamanic healing, bio-energy healing, acupuncture, and acupressure. Each technique is effective in bringing an ultimate state of balance in a person, reducing stress and bringing about healing and relaxation. Empaths use Reiki to help clear away unwanted energy and emotions.

  • Chakra (Pranic) Healing – Comes from visualizing swirling wheels of energy throughout the body, creating a vital life force energy (Prana). Clearing chakras brings balance. 
  • Shamanic Healing – Practitioners call upon spiritual helpers (power animals or other spiritual forces) to treat a range of emotional and physical illnesses.
  • Bio-energy Healing – Also referred to as Healing Touch (laying on of hands), draws on the magnetic field around the body to clear, energize and balance the human energy field.
  • Acupuncture – A method of healing through the insertion of very thin needles in specific points in the body (meridians) to remove disruptions to the flow of qi (life force energy).
  • Acupressure – Acupressure uses precise finger placement, applying light pressure over specific points along the body that follow meridians – the same as are used in acupuncture. Acupuncture and acupressure have been integrated into Western medicine as a treatment for chronic pain and nausea.

Reiki Healing Energy: Symbols

Reiki is the most widely used form of healing through Divine energy, is easy to learn and do, and has powerful, lasting effects. Reiki can only be used for positive purposes, and never for any negative result. It is such a versatile form of healing that it is often used for pets and humans alike to bring about healing from a wide spectrum of physical, emotional, mental and spiritual ailments and general imbalance, emotional pain, and blocks of all kinds. All of these types of healing help sustain a person’s vitality and contribute to a person’s optimal health and wellness.

Reiki: Training Classes

My classes teach students how to come to a deeper understanding of the Divine, to embody spirituality and to give Reiki healing to others. Schedule a class to learn more! Reiki I and II classes are taught together over two days in an intensive, loving, sacred way. Students will receive placements which allow access to greater healing and learn how to use Reiki for themselves, their loved ones and pets

Healing With Reiki: In Summary

By drawing on the energy from the universe, practitioners of Reiki help restore health and well-being. Energy blockages, called Byoki, manifest into anxiety, depression, cancer, heart disease, diabetes and many other types of imbalance. Through hands-on application the practice of Reiki can be used for many conditions – physical, emotional, mental or spiritual ailments – all respond well to Reiki. 





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