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Thursday, Jan. 10th 2019

Energy Healing – What It Is, How and Why It Works

Energy healing is a holistic practice of activating the life force energy that comes from the Divine Universe. This energy flows through a Reiki practitioner to remove blocked energy, allowing the body to heal itself. When one is experiencing disharmony, sadness, agitation, or any other type of physical or emotional discomfort, Reiki healing energy can bring about a full restoration of health and well-being.

Energy blockages manifest into illness such as anxiety, depression, cancer, heart disease, diabetes and many other types of imbalance. Through the laying on of hands, practitioners of Reiki energy healing can alleviate physical, emotional, mental or spiritual ailments. 

A person’s pain and discomfort from physical or mental imbalance, whether awake or at rest, can be greatly reduced by the use of life force energy. There are many different ways to employ this energy to bring about healing, Chakra healing and Reiki energy healing are the preferred methods of many practitioners. Reiki can heal chakra imbalances. 

By the insertion of very thin needles, acupuncture is a method of energy healing that stems from the belief that disease is caused by disruptions to the flow of qi. Acupuncture works through neuro-hormonal pathways, which are specific points in the body. 

This method uses precise finger placement, applying light pressure over specific points along the body that follow meridians – the same as are used in acupuncture. Acupuncture and acupressure have been integrated into Western medicine as a treatment for chronic pain and nausea. 

Healing Touch
Bio-energy healing draws on the magnetic field around the body to clear, energize and balance the human energy field using the hands. 

Chakra Healing
Chakra healing is used to balance, nurture and heal by clearing the chakras from the base of the spine to the crown of the head. Also called Pranic, healing comes from visualizing swirling wheels of energy throughout the body, creating a vital life force energy called Prana. 

Allow the Divine energy healing of Reiki to help you recharge and refresh your spirit and your body after the hectic holiday season. It encourages healing of the body, mind and spirit, bringing about relaxation and peace to help you meet the challenges of everyday living that may be preventing you from experiencing complete joy and harmony. 

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As we enter the new year, we should turn our thoughts and habits to become more fulfilled spiritually and mentally and allow healing energy that comes from God to remove blockages and heal our whole selves. To learn more about Reiki energy healing visit us online. If you would like to REGISTER FOR A CLASS with Karen, call today at 816-523-4440. 

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