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Thursday, Dec. 27th 2018

Reiki Symbols Are Important To Attunement/Placement

Reiki symbols are used in the practice of Usui Reiki, which was developed long ago in Japan by Mikao Usui, a Japanese spiritual teacher, as a form of healing. The term Reiki means “spiritual life force energy” and is derived from combining the words “rei”, which means spiritual, or higher, power, and “ki”, meaning energy.

Practitioners of Reiki use the symbols for attunement, which is a sacred ritual that is part of the process to connect people to higher levels of healing which comes from God. In Usui/Holy Fire Reiki, we use the term Placement, because the symbols are placed in the student by the Divine. Combining the different Reiki symbols can bring about balance and healing in a person.

Reiki symbols are a visual focus connecting us to the energy that is already within us. The healing energies we were born with will expand as we connect with the Reiki energy and it begins to flow through the body, soul, and spirit. Whenever Reiki symbols are used, a person’s higher consciousness responds by altering and directing the way the life force energy flows. 

The main purpose of an attunement or Reiju (pronounced Ray-joo) is to raise a person’s energy level to re-connect to the true inner self (soul), plus strengthen the connection to universal spiritual energy.

In Usui/Holy Fire Reiki, Reiki symbols are empowered by a Placement. When students in a Reiki class receive the Placement, the symbols amplify healing energy.

Reiki symbols are referred to by their intention and each symbolic name represents its purpose. In the practice of Usui Reiki the five Reiki symbols used are Power, Harmony, Distance, Usui Master, and Holy Fire symbol. These enable the practitioner to focus on the healing energies that come from God.

  • Power symbol – Enhances the power of the Reiki practitioner’s healing energy and provides protection. It can be used to clear and increase energy in a person or their environment. 
  • Harmony (Mental/Emotional) – Used for healing emotions such as fear, anxiety, grief, and sadness. Harmony symbol is used by Empaths as a shield to catch emotional energy to diffuse it.
  • Distance – Used to send healing energy to anyone at any time across space and time to resolve past and future issues.
  • Distance and Harmony symbols are used for healing spirit, past traumas, addictions, sleep problems and learning abilities.
  • Usui Master – the symbol of Enlightenment provides very powerful grounded energy. The Usui Master symbol and is used only by Reiki Masters. It is used to heal deeply and completely, empowering Power, Harmony, and Distance symbols, helping to develop and strengthen self-awareness, personal growth, spiritual development, and intuition.
  • Holy Fire symbol – The most powerful of all the Reiki symbols, representing Holy Spirit and a person’s connection to God. Purification, healing, empowerment, and guidance are the four qualities of this symbol.

Students of Reiki learn how and why the Reiki symbols are used and how they work. They learn to give Reiki healing energy from God/Source, enabling them to embody spirituality. They come to a deeper understanding of the Divine, experiencing the power for themselves. 

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