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Thursday, Aug. 15th 2019

Reiki Symbols Classes At Whole Life Center Kansas City

The three main Reiki symbols are the Power symbol, the Mental/Emotional (Harmony) symbol, and the Distance symbol. They are referred to by their intention, with each symbolic name representing its purpose.

Using Reiki symbols enables a person to come to a deeper understanding of the Reiki energy from God, to embody spirituality, and to direct the healing energy to help others.

Origin and Meaning of Symbols

The symbols used for Reiki are based in part on the Japanese writing system, Kanji. However, in my lineage, we do not publicize the Japanese name for the symbols as they are secret.

  • The Power Symbol – Activating the Power symbol increases the aura of the practitioner. The Power symbol provides protection and is used to clear energy blockages that may be present in one’s home or workplace.  It is also used to increase the power of Reiki and to seal healing energy at the conclusion of a treatment session.
  • The Mental/Emotional (Harmony) Symbol – Heals emotions and thoughts of all kinds – anger, grief, and other negative emotions benefit from Reiki healing energy. Empaths can use the Harmony symbol or the Power symbol as a shield to diffuse emotional energy coming their way from others. This symbol is also good for learning new things, learning disabilities, recovering lost objects, improving memory, and dream recall. 
  • The Distance Symbol – Enables a practitioner to send Reiki to anyone, anywhere, at any time. When combined with the Harmony symbol, the Distance symbol can be used for healing of past traumas and addictions and the healing of relationships.

Sacred Symbols Empower Spirituality & Healing

Reiki practitioners call on God, the source of healing energy. Reiki practitioners using the sacred symbols enable a person to experience a deeper relationship with God and to embody spirituality. Reiki empowerment is given during Reiki II Attunement (sometimes called a Placement). The practice of Usui Reiki uses the symbols in levels Reiki II and above. 

Reiki Healing Energy

Reiki healing energy can restore a person’s health and spiritual balance. It strengthens a person’s immune system and improves concentration. In addition, it improves breathing, decreases stress levels and increases circulation. It can also be used to detoxify a person’s body of impurities and is used to relax the body and calm the mind. 


The symbols are of no value to anyone who has not received Reiki attunement – which is what empowers the symbols. Reiki is activated by visualizing the symbols. During the attunement, the practitioner will be connected to the source of Reiki energy. Once connected to the Divine energy, the person instantly connects to the healing energy and receives the empowerment.  

Reiki II Classes

In Reiki II classes students learn about the symbols and how to use them. In an attunement, the symbols are placed within the student through intention and guided meditation. The symbols do not have to be drawn to activate them.  What is important is that the person giving and the person receiving the attunement have the intention to connect to universal energy. 

Knowing about the symbols is only the first step. In class, students practice using the symbols to give Reiki energy. Students learn how to use Reiki for themselves and others. Our manual, “Reiki the Healing Touch”, by William Lee Rand, covers the symbols in depth. 

Reiki, when using the sacred symbols, enables the Reiki practitioner to focus on the healing energies that come from God. Whenever the symbols are used, a person’s higher consciousness responds by altering and directing the way life force energy flows. To learn more about the sacred Reiki healing energy with symbols, or to schedule a Reiki session with Usui Master Karen Harrison.






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