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Thursday, Jun. 25th 2020

Essential Oil Classes Available Through Whole Life Center In Kansas City

Essential oil classes at Whole Life Center teach others about the practical uses of the natural oils. Classes are offered in Kansas City, St Louis, Dallas, Houston, Oklahoma City, and Omaha, and online. Classes instruct students in the miracles of aromatherapy and include discussion on how essential oils are made, how to diffuse them, how to use the oils in the home, and more. At the conclusion of Whole Life Center essential oil classes, students will be given the opportunity to purchase a Young Living Essential Oils starter kit.

Some of the topics of essential oil classes at Whole Life Center in Kansas City are:

  • Aromatherapy First Aid 
  • Essential Oils for mood and sleep support
  • Cooking with Essential Oils 
  • Aromatherapy for kids
  • Aromatherapy and Raindrop Technique 
  • Essential Oils and Gardening 
  • Essential Oils for Insect Repellant 
  • Aromatherapy at the Office 
  • Essential Oil Blending 
  • Aromatherapy and Beauty

Aromatherapy with essential oils affords wonderful support of all body systems – the skeletal, muscular, circulatory, endocrine, respiratory and immune systems, as well as hormones. The oils have been found to be truly ‘essential.’ They support brain health and are used to help the body maintain a healthy weight. Likewise, essential oils are used extensively for emotional and spiritual support. In addition, they can be a healthy alternative to toxic chemicals used for cleaning the home.

At Whole Life Center, we use Young Living Essential Oils, which are high grade, therapeutic, and organically derived. The Grade A essential oils from Young Living are the very best quality and are very potent, requiring a very small amount per application to have the desired result. No other essential oils company can match Young Living’s expertise in growing, distilling, and testing.

We offer essential oil classes in person and online for people who want to learn all about aromatherapy and essential oils –what they are, how they are made, how to use them and where to get the highest quality essential oils to be found anywhere.

To expand on what can be learned at essential oil classes, essential oils are a highly concentrated, natural liquid that contains volatile aromatic compounds derived from shrubs, trees, flowers, roots, herbs and more. The oils capture the ‘essence’ of a plant and are known to have both physical and psychological benefits.

Essential oil classes are always popular and well attended and at the completion of a class, you will come away with a better understanding of how to use essential oils in the most effective ways. In addition to topical use, you will learn which oils can be used internally to sustain the systems of the body for better health and well-being.

My essential oil classes at Whole Life Center can be taken in person and online. Check out Dream Builders YL Team YouTube channel for previous, recorded essential oil classes. Essential oils starter kits are available for purchase.


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