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Thursday, May. 14th 2020

Online Reiki Symbols Classes At Whole Life Center

Reiki symbols are sacred symbols used in Reiki energy healing to connect to Divine energy. An invisible current of energy flows through our bodies, profoundly impacting its systems. Reiki energy enhances a person’s vast potential for improved whole-body health – physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. 

In my Reiki symbols classes at Whole Life Center, students will learn to embody spirituality and how healing with Divine energy can benefit everyone. Students will receive the Power symbol, the Mental/Emotional symbol, and the Distant symbol. The symbols are activated during a ceremony called a Placement. Once connected to the Divine energy, the student instantly connects to the healing energy and receives the empowerment.   

The Power Symbol increases the energy that comes from the Universe. It may be used to focus one’s attention for physical healing and cleansing and to clear and enhance energy in your home or office. Practitioners use this symbol to strengthen their power before sessions, and it is also used at the end of sessions to seal the healing energy.

The Mental/Emotional Symbol is used for healing or improving relationships and any kind of emotional issue like sadness, fear, worry, grief, anger, or frustration. It can also replace negative thoughts with more productive thoughts and beliefs. It may also be used for healing addictions and sleep issues, recalling dreams and finding lost items.

The Distant Symbol can be used to send healing energy across time and space to anyone at any time. It helps to resolve past issues and also to send distance healing forward in time to help manifest good results. The Distant symbol works best when intended “for the highest good of all concerned.”

Two additional Reiki symbols used in Usui/Holy Fire® Reiki are Usui Master and Holy Fire® symbol. One of the most powerful symbols, the Master symbol can only be used by a Reiki Master. It empowers the Power symbol, the Mental/Emotional symbol and the Distant symbol and strengthens them in a grounded way. Usui Master symbol assists with developing and strengthening self-awareness, personal growth, spiritual development, and intuition. It enhances the connection between one’s physical and higher self so that one may more easily access one’s spiritual gifts. 

The Holy Fire® symbol is the most powerful of all the Reiki symbols. The four qualities of Holy Fire® energy are purification, healing, empowerment, and guidance. This symbol represents the Holy Spirit and one’s connection to God. The Holy Fire® symbol can burn up negative energy, release malefic entities, and promote healing of the body, mind, and emotions. Holy Fire® empowers by giving vitality, confidence, safety, peace, and a feeling of being loved. 

In Reiki symbols classes, once the symbols are activated by a Reiki practitioner, students will receive the empowerment and become more connected to the source of Divine Guidance, intelligence and power. Only a Reiki Master can teach the Reiki course. In order to teach Reiki, one must take the Reiki Master course. Once you have received Reiki teacher training you will be able to teach others. As a Senior Licensed Reiki Master Teacher and Co-Director of the Licensed Reiki Master Teacher Training Program with the International Center for Reiki Training (ICRT), I have been providing Reiki teacher training since 1998.



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